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Opt Outstanding Software Testing Sessions for Maximum Growth

Software testing is one of the most important and demanding profession in the IT industry. This will not only open so many opportunities related to your career growth, but also give you the appropriate amount of money. However, if you are also searching the best service provider in this industry, then contact a professional program-testing engineer today through the internet.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get Through QTP Certification With Exclusive Study Material

Quick Test Professional or QTP is one of the most popular automation tools for functional or regression testing. For software testing, this tool is east to use as compared to other functional testing tools. As well, it saves a lot of time and effort of manual testers. That's why, many companies have started using this tool for testing the software. If you want to get an entry in the field of software testing, then you must hold QTP Certification. By having this certification, you can give a weightage to your resume. What's more, you can also get a suitable job in large MNC at higher salary package.

We, at Software Testing Genius, have a comprehensive range of study material for QTP including information about the certification, ebooks, tutorials, interview questions, self assessment quizzes and a lot more which is required in attaining HP certification on QTP. This exclusive study material will assist you to get through this certification with high score. At our online store, you can also access a glossary of all sorts of terms and terminology.  As well, you can also get updated information about this by subscribing our RSS feeds. With us, you can also prepare yourself for telephonic interview or managerial HR interview.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

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Design Error Free Software with Testing Programs

Do you know the importance of Software Testing programs? This is very interesting and beneficial process of finding different kinds of problems in a particular program. The overall analyzing process is vital to create and design user-friendly and fully fledged software that can meet the purpose of clients efficiently. This time taking process reduces the possibility of errors and problems that can be raise as a fatal issue.

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How does Software Testing Fits in an Organization

Software testing is an activity that is always done in an organization, and it can be anchored in many different ways in an organization. It can in fact be anchored in several places during the course of a development project and the subsequent maintenance period for the product running in production.

Let’s first take a look at the different organizational units involved in Software Testing.

They can, for example, be:

# Product management
# Project management
# Quality assurance department
# Development department
# Development team
# Internal test department or test team
# External Software testing organization
# Internal or internal consultants
# Sales / marketing department
# Support organization
# Internal IT-department
# The customer
# Present and future end users
# Subcontractor(s)
# Process or method department

Distributing the responsibility for all the Software testing activities for the appropriate testing levels and the defined testing roles over organizational units is a three-dimensional jigsaw.

Following guidelines are generally observed in the Software testing organizations:

# Testing requires one or more Software testing teams - We can for example have a test team for component and integration testing, and another team for system testing.

# Test teams are composed of a number of roles - All the roles must be covered for the entire test task for a project, but it could be that the component testing does not require a test environment responsible or a domain expert.

# A role can be filled by one or more people - This depends on the size of the Software testing team. We may for example need one responsible for the test, a number of test designers, and an even greater number of test executors for a large test task.

# One person can fill one or more roles - Again this depends on the size.

# The test designer can for example also be the test executor. Here it is important to remember that less than 25% assignment to a role is as good as zero.

# People may come from different organizations - The developers could be test designers and executors for the component testing; people from an independent Software testing department could fill these roles for system testing; and customer representatives could fill them for acceptance testing.

The distribution of the roles must be done with great care and documented explicitly and precisely in the test plan and/or other relevant plans.